Petrol Price Rise by 41 Percentage Point

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Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that petrol prices would rise 41 percent to 2.70 ringgit a litre and diesel 63 percent to 2.58 Ringgit. Electrical power tariffs would go up by as much 26 percent and inflation may skyrocket. The Malaysian government decide on 3 June 2008 to revamped its old subsidy system. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is risking a political backlash after losing ground in elections in the past year. Oppositions Parties pledged to rally the nation’s poor in nationwide protests.

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    On October 15th, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Hola!! Muchas gracias!!! queria ver este drama, el anime me encanto!!una consulta, como hago para q los subtitulos me concuerden con el au3&8??i#o2d0; Gracias!!!!

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