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Faber Indah Apartment; Faber Ria Apartment; Faber Tower; Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya; Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya; Faculty Of Science; Fadason Park Jinjang; Fahrenheit 88; Fairplay Futsal Centre; Fairview Intl; Fast Track Speedzone ELITE; Fatt Kee Rest; Fatty Crab Taman Megah; Federal Cinema; Federal Court; Federal Highway - Jalan Utara-Timur Flyover; Federal Hotel; Federal Hotel; Federal Inst Of Tech (FIT); Fella Design U Thant; Field & Park Melawati J5; Field & Park Taman Dagang 1; Field & Park Taman Dagang 2; Field Astaka; Field Au 2a; Field Au 5d 11; Field Bunga Dahlia 4; Field Bunga Kemboja; Field Bunga Kemboja 8; Field Bunga Melati 14; Field Bunga Melur 4; Field Bunga Tanjung 14; Field Cheras Indah; Field Dataran Pj; Field Desa 4; Field General Hosp; Field Indah 9; Field Jalan 7 4; Field Jalan Ayer Biru; Field Jalan Bukit Belacan; Field Jalan D A1; Field Jalan Desa Ampang; Field Jalan E5; Field Jalan Enggang; Field Jalan F1; Field Jalan Hj Yakup; Field Jalan Indah Utama; Field Jalan K4; Field Jalan Pandan; Field Jalan Taman Setiawangsa; Field Jalan Wawasan Ampang; Field Kampung Pasir; Field Kuala Ampang; Field L Mahsuri 1; Field Melur 15; Field P Pandan; Field Padang Mpaj; Field Pandan Mewah; Field Pulapol; Field Rasmi Jaya; Field Setapak Jaya; Field Southport; Field Sri Rampai; Field Ss2 107; Field Ss2 22; Field Ss2 49; Field Ss2 58; Field Ss2 71; Field Ss2 82; Field Ss2 94; Field Taman Ayer Panas; Field Taman Bukit Ria; Field Taman Kencana; Field Taman Melati 6; Field Taman Melur; Field Taman Naga Emas; Field Taman Putra; Field Taman Putra 19; Field Taman Sri Ampang; Field Tasik Tambahan; Field Teratai 1 9b; Field Teratai 2 7; Field U1 7; Field Usj11 1d; Field Usj11 3h; Field Usj18; Field Usj9; Field Wangsa Siaga; Field Watan 15; Field Watan 25; Field Wirawati; Field, Bukit Damansara; Field, Jalan Fletcher; Field, Titiwangsa 1; Field, Tun Sambanthan; Filem Negara; Finland Embassy; Fiona Apartment, Tmn Samudra; Fire Department Cyberjaya; Fire Dept Ampang; Fire Dept Bandar Tun Razak; Fire Dept Desa Sri Hartamas; Fire Dept Koperasi Polis; Fire Dept Northport; Fire Dept Sri Sentosa; Fire Dept Taman Melati; First Baptist; First Baptist; First Business Hotel; Fish Pond Kg Kemensah; Flamingo Bowl; Flamingo Hotel; Flood Pond, Bangsar; Food Court Taman Kepong; Food Stalls Au5; Food Stalls Bukit Permai; Foong2 Yong Tau Foo; Forest Research Institute Malaysia; Fortuna Hotel; Fortune Park Kepong; Forum Fairlane; Four Seasons Chinese; Fraser Towers Condo; Free Trade Zone Northport; Freescale Semiconductor Factory; French Embassy; FSBM Cyberjaya; Fujitsu Cyberjaya; Furama Hotel; Fusion Gourmet; Futsal Centre, Port Klang; Futsal Centre, Taman Megah;

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