Istana Negara or National Palace is the official residence of His Majesty, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) of Malaysia. It stands on a 28 acre (110,000 mē) site, located at a commanding position on the slope of a hill of Bukit Petaling overlooking the Klang River, along Jalan Syed Putra. Istana Negara is on Exit To Syed Putra (s), J; is near Syed Putra (klang), J; is near Syed Putra (city), J; is near Ramp To J Istana (e); is near Istana (e), J; is near Istana (w), J; is near Exit J Damansara (w); is near Exit To J Syed Putra (s); Istana Negara is geographically located at latitude(3.1341 degrees) 3° 8' 2" North of the Equator and longitude (101.6958 degrees) 101° 41' 44" East of the Prime Meridian on the Map of Kuala Lumpur.

The locations related to Istana Negara are represented by the shortest distances between two points on Earth and may not be nearest by road. For example, Istana Negara is located 292 metres from Hindu Temple, Brickfields. Istana Negara is located 339 metres from Villa Scott Condo. Istana Negara is located 402 metres from SJK (c) Kuen Ching 1&2. Istana Negara is located 535 metres from Midah Hotel. Istana Negara is located 538 metres from SMK (c) (p) Kuen Ching.

Featured Places Of Interest Located Nearby
Hindu Temple, Brickfields is located 0.3 Kilometres away from Istana Negara. Hindu Temple, Brickfields - 3 Photo(s) Featured.
Monorail Tun Sambanthan is located 0.6 Kilometres away from Istana Negara. Monorail Tun Sambanthan - 2 Photo(s) Featured.
Chinese Assembly Hall is located 0.6 Kilometres away from Istana Negara. Chinese Assembly Hall - 1 Photo(s) Featured.

Midah Hotel 0.5km, Mandarin Court Hotel 0.6km, Hilton Sentral 1.1km, are places to stay (hotel, service apartment, inn) located near Istana Negara.

Exhibition Mall Sentral 0.7km, Ocean Petaling St 0.9km, Petaling Street Bazaar 1.1km, are places to shop (shopping mall, shop houses) located near Istana Negara.

Muzium Negara 1km, Police Museum 1km, Islamic Arts Museum 1.1km, are places of interest (attraction) located near Istana Negara.

SJK (c) Kuen Ching 1&2 0.4km, SMK (c) (p) Kuen Ching 0.5km, SMK (p) Methodist 0.7km, are places of learning (school, college, university) located near Istana Negara.

YMCA Field, Brickfields 0.7km, Kwong Tong Chinese Cemetery (Heritage Park) 0.9km, Christian Cemetery Jalan Loke Yew 1km, are parks, playgrounds, open fields or commons located near Istana Negara.

Istana Negara

Hindu Temple, Brickfields

Villa Scott Condo

SJK (c) Kuen Ching 1&2

Midah Hotel

SMK (c) (p) Kuen Ching

Syariah Court, Wp

Mal Inst Of Accountants

Bukit Petaling

Wisma Pahlawan

Petronas Brickfields

Wisma Tun Sambanthan

Monorail Tun Sambanthan

Chinese Assembly Hall

Mandarin Court Hotel

YMCA Brickfields

Monorail Maharajalela

SMK (p) Methodist

Shell Jalan Maharajalela

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Istana Negara

YMCA Field, Brickfields is about 0.7 km away.

Old Railway Station is about 0.7 km away.

Guan Yin Temple is about 0.7 km away.

Esso Jalan Maharajalela is about 0.7 km away.

Exhibition Mall Sentral is about 0.7 km away.

Chinese Temple Chan See Shu Yuen is about 0.7 km away.