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Cabana Inn KL

Hard-rock Cafe

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra)

Olympia College KL Campus

Parking Wisma Central

RKT Building

Stamford College

USF-Hicom Building

Wisma AIG

Wisma Allianz

Wisma AmanahRaya

Wisma AMGM

Wisma Atria

Wisma Bandar

Wisma Bernama

Wisma Buddhist

Wisma Budiman

Wisma Central

Wisma Char Yong

Wisma Chow Kim Lin

Wisma Consplan 2

Wisma Consplant

Wisma Cosway

Wisma Cycle and Carriage

Wisma Cycle Carriage

Wisma Da Vinci

Wisma Damansara

Wisma Dang Wangi

Wisma Denmark

Wisma Dijaya

Wisma Ekran

Wisma Elken

Wisma Equity

Wisma Fam

Wisma Genting

Wisma Goldhill

Wisma Hamzah Kwong Hing

Wisma Harwant

Wisma Henry Butcher

Wisma Hla

Wisma Hong Leong

Wisma HSBC

Wisma Jakel

Wisma Jerneh

Wisma John Hancock

Wisma Kastam

Wisma Kebudayaan GSM

Wisma Kemayan

Wisma Kosas

Wisma Larfarge

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Exit To J Wisma Putra

Wisma Putra, J

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